B.Tech Admission 2018

Govt.Allotment by CEE                                                                                       College Code – VML

*As per the agreement 50% seats are allotted by CEE.

*40% seats are allotted by the CEE on general reservation criteria and 10% is from Malabar Catholic Community.

*No interest free Refundable Caution Deposit (RCD). One Lakh deposit will be waived as scholarship by the management.

*Scholarships and even stipend up to 60000/-per year is available for excellent performers (See the scholarship details)

Centralised Allotment Process (CAP)                                                                                               

Detailed notification will be issued on time to time in CEE website

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College Code for Govt allotment– VML

Government Quota Seats

Categories ME  CE  EEE ECE CSE AEI
CEE  allotment:  General merit 48 48 24 36 24 12
CEE allotment: Community merit 12 12 6 9 6 3
Total CEE Allotment seats 60 60 30 45 30 15

Government allotment- Community quota- 10%

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Merit Scholarships by the Management

The Crystal Jubilee Management Scholarship for BTech-2018 : RCD waiver scheme Interest Free Caution Deposit of Rs1,00,000/-.

The interest free refundable caution deposit of one Lakh is waved for this year admissions as a special offer in connection with Crystal Jubilee year of our college. Along with this scholarship students can apply for other schemes also. This scheme is not available for students with Total Fee Waiver Scheme. RCD Waiver scheme is granted to the students against written request.

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KEAM Rank based Scholarships and stipends

These scholarships are provided to students based on their performance in the KEAM-2018 (Kerala Engg Entrance). A single student can avail even a scholarship of Rs 5,40,000/- in BTech tenure. By this scheme we like to attract the best performing students who can avail our committed professional formation to groom their future.

Eligibility (KEAM Rank)



Rank 1-7000

Tuition Fee = Government fee


7001- 10000

Scholarship of 1,20,000/- (30,000x4 year)



Scholarship of 20,000/- (5000x4 year)

Patron’s Scholarship of Rs20,000/- for the Catholics students of Malabar- 2018

Our Beloved patron, His Grace Mar George Njaralakkattu has declared patrons scholarship -2018 of Rs 20,000/- (5,000x4) for BTech students who belongs to the catholic community of Malabar province. This scholarship will be available to the admitted students with the recommendation of the parish priest.

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We want to give the best professional grooming to the outstanding students to transform them to mould the future India. Financial assistance for innovative Project is available

We believe that financial disability should not prevent any excellent candidate to get the best education. Students can opt one of the best scholarship schemes as per their merit.

Vimal Jyothi Engineering College encourages the students with stipends, Management scholarships, General scholarships, Special scholarships, awards, Gold Medals, Excellence awards, topper in semester awards, attendance awards, topper in class awards, special PTA and eminent person’s endowments etc

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