M Tech Admission

M Tech Programs offered

1 M.Tech in Control & Instrumentation (AEI) View Details View Syllabus
2 M.Tech in Communication Engineering & Signal Processing (ECE) View Details View Syllabus
3 M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) View Details View Syllabus
4 M.Tech in Power Electronics (EEE) View Details View Syllabus
5 M.Tech in Structural Engineering & Construction Management (CE) View Details View Syllabus
6 M.Tech in Thermal Engineering (ME) View Details View Syllabus

Our courses are approved by AICTE and affiliated to Kerala Technological University, Trivandrum

No. M Tech Programme No. of seats Eligible B-Tech Degree or equivalent
1 Communication Engineering & Signal Processing (CSP) 24 Degree in Electronics and Communication Engg (ECE)
2 Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 24 * Computer Science & Engineering
* Information Technology
3 Control and Instrumentation (C&I) 24 * Electronics and Communication Engg.
* Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engg.
* Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.
* Instrumentation & Control Engg. Electrical and    Electronics Engineering
4 Power Electronics 24 Electrical & Electronics Engineering
5 Structural Engineering &
Construction Management *
24 Civil Engineering
6 Thermal Engineering 24 Mechanical Engineering