Department of Applied Science & Humanities

Knowledge in basic science is an essential ingredient of any professional course. Department of applied science and humanities aims to fulfill this function most efficiently. This Department is devoted to foster the fundamental principles and understanding of science that are capable of enhancing the human experience. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics and Humanities. Humanities comprises disciplines such as English, Economics, Management, Counselling and the two federal departments of Placement & Training and Physical Education are all handled by individual faculties, who are highly qualified and professionally competent in their respective fields. All the faculty members are highly dedicated to their work and are always willing to carry out any responsibility that may be entrusted to them.

Educational Approach

Education is central to the mission of the Department which offers several educational programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for teachers. The overriding objectives of these programs are

  • To inform and enthuse students and teachers about the fundamental aspects of science
  • To contribute Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics content for B-Tech and MBA. programmes.
  • To encourage students to pursue careers in science and engineering.
  • To graduating engineers competent in communication and interpersonal skills.
  • First year B.Tech students are introduced to the world of Science and engineering through programs that engage them in various activities under the effective guidance of the faculty. The department of Applied Science and Humanities caters for the require_oncements of the beginners of B.Tech with proper guidance and motivation from the first day of their joining the College.


Counselling of students is effectively taken care of on a regular basis. Vimal Jyothi has a full-time faculty member for Counselling. One-to-one counselling strengthens the unsteady and fickle-minded ones and makes them systematic and confident.

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