The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata is the national organization of engineers in India. The Institution of Engineers (India) has more than one million members in 15 engineering disciplines in 114 centers or chapters in India and overseas; it is the world's largest multi-disciplinary engineering professional society in engineering and technology world. The Institution of Engineers (India) was established in 1920 in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Institution of Engineers (India) was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1935. The IEI conducts and sponsors technical meetings, conferences, and exhibitions all over India, publishes technical journals and provides continuing education as well as career advancement opportunities to its members.

The Civil Department of VJEC has started student’s chapter of The Institution of Engineers (India), with membership number AB/ECSC/670632/VJEC/CV on January 2015.

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