Facilities in Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Advanced Electrical Engineering Laboratory

The study of advanced machine functioning, microprocessor based technologies, thyristors, and various other practical covering pneumatic control systems and magnetic amplifiers are dealt with in this lab .It helps students to channelise their technical knowledge to go hand in hand with the current technological development.

The lab is well equipped with the PID controller, MATLAB software DC to DC chopper, PWM inverter servo controlled DC and AC motor, ORCAD, 8085 microprocessor RTD, strain gauge, etc.

Electrical Machines Laboratory

The lab is particularly equipped with the latest dc machines like shunt motor, series motor, servomotor, shunt generator, and also ac machines like alternator, transformers, synchronous motors, pole changing induction motor, 3 phase induction motor (squirrel cage and slip ring).

Electrical Measurements Laboratory

The lab aims at familiarizing students with the wide range of PMMC and MI meters and acquainting them with experiments ranging from verification of Superposition theorem to sophisticated measurements using AC and DC bridges. The students are also trained in advanced sophisticated instruments like power energy and harmonic analyzers.

Project Cell

This laboratory is specially designed for the electrical engineering department to facilitate the students to do their mini and major projects inside the campus. It has 30 machines with high configuration. All are networked and well furnished.

Creativity has been the prime intension of engineers and the electrical and electronics department of this college is making an engineer who can work in industries and utilities with sufficient knowledge in electrical machines, electrical power systems, power converting devices, industrial drives and instrumentation and control system .This department has not only got the technical competence but is also facilitated with all modern equipments. The following laboratories share the activities in this department

Electrical Workshop

First year students get enough acquaintance with different types of Electrical wiring systems, Wiring Practice and an introduction to different types of household goods.


ROBOSAGA 2018 - Workshop on
ROBOSAGA 2018 - Workshop on

ROBOSAGA 2018 - Workshop on "Automobile & Engine Mechanics" on 15/05/18

One week training program  on C-PROGRAMMING AND PYTHON
One week training program on C-PROGRAMMING AND PYTHON

A one week training program on C-PROGRAMMING AND PYTHON for First year AEI students during the month of June (Third week(18/06/2018 to 22/06/2018 ).

Summer Internship  on  Robotics
Summer Internship on Robotics

Summer Internship on 'Robotics & Embedded system' - S2 ECE (2017-21) batch FROM 25th June 2018 to 29th June 2018

Summer training for S6 CSE
Summer training for S6 CSE

Summer Training for S6 CSE (2015-'19 Batch)

Summer training for S4 CSE
Summer training for S4 CSE

Dept. of CSE 2016 - 20 batch. An excursion through computer science technologies.