Seminars & Workshops

It’s decided to organize a FDP by the Department of Applied Sc. and Humanities On 12th December 2014 , Friday at 9.30 AM.
Venue: CAD/CAM Lab
Resource Person:
Dr.V. RAJENDRAN, Director, Centre for Nano Science and Technology.
About the Program:
This programme is giving knowledge to all staff members about the project proposal preparation in various research areas & different project funding agencies in India
1. To empower the faculty members on the area of project preparation and aware the members about the fund generating sources.
2. FDP will help you to prepare your full project proposal. How well you plan the action is critical to the success of the project.
3. This FDP may help you to achieve the following targets,
* Provide a logical presentation of a research idea
*Illustrate the significance of the idea
*Show the idea's relationship to past actions
*Articulate the activities for the proposed project
Getting Ready to Start a Project Proposal preparation

It’s decided to organize a FDP by the Department Applied Sc. and Humanities on 1st December 2014 , Monday at 9.15 AM.
Venue: Conference Hall (Board Room)
Resource Person: Mr. Prakashan. M , Founder & Principal, Academy Of Mathematics , Kannur.
About the Program : An engineer should be equipped with knowledge of science and its applications, in particular Mathematics. This faculty development programme addresses the challenges in teaching various concepts of Mathematics relevant to different engineering disciplines.
Purpose: Keeping in view the growing shortage of highly trained and updated in Mathematics in various application levels both in academic and industrial requirements, the ,Department of Applied Science and Humanities organizes a one day intensive program aimed at Mathematics faculty who wish to upgrade themselves. The coursework involves: Conformal mapping , Integral theorems, Contour Integration.. etc.
1.The primary objective of this program is to provide the participant in handling the mathematical concepts with confidence and clarity.
2.To Provide a strong foundation to the various concepts of complex analysis through illustrative examples and interesting applications