Go Green Club

As an initiative to the National Mission for a Green India (GIM), The Ministry of Environment has approved annual plans for four states of the country. The National Executive Council (NEC) has given its nod to the Perspective Plans (PP) and Annual Plan of Operations (APOs) of Kerala, Mizoram, Manipur and Jharkhand. Kerala in the only state in the southern part of India, to be recognized, for Go Green Initiatives. It has become the need of the hour to have our share of creating awareness to save our environment for our future generation. Present students are the future flag holders for our Nation. Now, the seed we sow in them will become a good output to protect our environment and make our Nation proud. This Go Green Club of our college was inaugurated by the Honourable District Collector of Kannur District; Mr. Mir Mohammed Ali, IAS., on 03-04-2017, Monday.

The Aim of our club is to motivate and encourage the students to value and assume responsibility of their Environment, to strengthen positive thinking and collaboration among students and to develop life skills like communication, interpersonal relationship, decision making, critical thinking and self management. The objectives of the club are to increase the students’ knowledge about understanding the environment and environmental challenges, to create awareness about, energy usage and energy savings, to create the habit of Go Green, in the campus and in the society, through students, contribute to the International days and other activities organized by the College.

Presently Prof. Dr. Vra. Saathappan, Professor of Civil Engineering is the President of the Club. All students and staff (teaching, non-teaching, administrative, maintenance) are members of the Go Green Club.

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