1 B.Tech in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering* View Syllabus
2 B.Tech in Civil Engineering* View Syllabus
3 B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering* View Syllabus
4 B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science View Syllabus
5 B.Tech in Electrical & Electronics Engineering* View Syllabus
6 B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering* View Syllabus
7 B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering* View Syllabus
8 B.Tech in Computer Science and Design View Syllabus

* NBA Accredited Program

1 M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) View Syllabus
2 M.Tech in Structural Engineering & Construction Management (CE) View Syllabus

The college is an approved Research Centre of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) for the following departments:

  • Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering

Candidates qualifying the KTU entrance exam for PhD can join in full time and part time mode under the supervision of the following approved guides:

  • Dr.G.Glan Devadhas (Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering)
  • Dr.Vra.Saathappan (Civil Engineering)
  • Dr. G. Justin Sunil Dhas (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  • Dr. R. Sentilkumar (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  • Dr.D.Anto Sahaya Dhas (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • Dr. Roshini T. V. (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • Dr. Jayesh George M (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • Dr. Reema Mathew A (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
  • Dr. P. Sridharan (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Christopher Ezhil Singh (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Dr. Jeethu V Devasia (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • Dr. Manoj V Thomas (Computer Science & Engineering)

Ongoing research:

Sl. No. Name of the Research Scholar Name of the Guide Area of Research Mode of admission
1 Mr.Manoj KC Dr.D.Anto Sahaya Dhas Image Processing Part time
2 Mr.Vinod J. Thomas Dr.D.Anto Sahaya Dhas Signal Processing Part time
3 Ms. Divya B Dr.D.Anto Sahaya Dhas Cloud Computing Part time
4 Ms. Tintu George T. Dr.D.Anto Sahaya Dhas Electric Vehicle Part time
5 Ms. Ancy K. Sunny Dr.D.Anto Sahaya Dhas Natural Language Processing Part time
6 Mr. Abdul Latheef Dr. G. Glan Devadhas Control Systems Part time
7 Mr. Ryne P. M. Dr. P. Sridharan Thermal Power Part time
8 Mr. Appu C. Kurian Dr.Christopher Ezhil Singh Liquid Metallurgy Part time
9 Mr. Mejo M. Francis Dr.Christopher Ezhil Singh Nanofluid Part time