Central Facilities

Welcome to the Central Library and Information Center. The Library System of Vimal Jyothi Engineering College Started at the initial stage of College with 15,000 books. The VJEC library system consists of a central library and five departmental libraries that collectively support the teaching and extension programs of the institute.

Library & Information division of Vimal Jyothi Engineering college offers its services to about 1200 users comprising students of different branches of Engineering and the faculty from various departments of the college and neighboring institutions.

The primary mission of the library is to support the educational and research programs of the institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information, consistent with the present and the anticipated educational and research functions of the institute. In accordance with the objectives of the institute, the library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the faculty and the student community of the institute.

The secondary mission is, to serve as a resource center for the scholars and scientific community of the neighboring areas.

The library uses Greenstone digital library software for our digital library services. The library is in the process of installing Dspace Software for our institutional depositary services.

  • The periodical section: A number of on-line periodicals are available in the library besides a number of printed periodicals.
  • Library automation: The library is automated with Del Plus software developed by DELNET. The digital library is member of the INDEST-AICTE consortium.
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Department Libraries are established to meet the information require_oncements of the corresponding Departments and Engineering community. It is actually a nodal information centre of the central library . The Library provides require_onced books from the book bank for the needy students, for a semester. The department library has books for almost all subjects that the students are dealing with through out their eight semesters.

Department Libraries are working under each department

Working hours: 08:30am to 06.00pm on all working days.

Issue hours: 09:00am to 05:00pm

Personal Services like Circulation, Reference service, Reprographic service, User awareness, Inter library Loan, Information alert,and CD based services etc.

The collection of the library which includes books, journals, standards and patents in the field of science and technology and books of general interest catering to the personality development of the user community.

The books are arranged in six different sections. General, Reference, Book bank and Special collections.

Sanjose Hostel (Gents)

  • Warden : Rev. Fr. Subin Rathapillil
  • Phone : 9400 062 919
  • Inmates : B Tech 3 rd and 4 th year students

St. Alphonsa Hostel (Ladies)

  • Warden : Rev. Sr. Laly MMM
  • Phone : 9497 250 420
  • Inmates : B Tech 3 rd and 4 th year students

Santhome Hostel (Gents)

  • Warden : Rev. Fr. Pious Padinjaremuriyil
  • Phone : 8281 750 777
  • Inmates : B Tech 1 st and 2nd year students

Holy Cross Hostel (Ladies)

  • Warden : Rev. Sr. Valsa
  • Phone : 0460 2 212 942
  • Inmates : B Tech 1 st and 2nd year students

Mother Theresa PG Quarters

  • Warden : Rev. Fr. Lazar Varambakath
  • Phone : 9447 340 216
  • Inmates : M Tech 1 st and 2 nd year students

In order to develop and enhance the LSRW skills of our students, a Language Lab is installed with the most effective state of art facilities. The lab is suitably equipped with systems, software license and other technical lab equipments.

It is also equipped with state of the art video conferencing facility with the support of Kerala State IT Infrastructure Ltd., Government of Kerala.

The institution provides transport facility to almost all main towns of the district. Following are various bus routes from college

Bus No. Destination Route
1 CHERUPUZHA Venkunnu - Mandalam - Naduvil - Pothukunndu - Vayattuparamba - Karuvanchal - Alakkode - Nellipara - Rayarome - Therthally - Peringala - Manjakadu - Cherupuzha
2 PERAVOOR Payyavoor - Chamathachal - Nuchiad - Ulikkal - Chulliod - Puthussery - Thamthode - Iritty - Haji Road - Kakkayangad - Peravoor
3 Manna, Thalipparamba Pulikkurumba - Venkunnu - Mandalam - Karayathumchal - Chempanthotty - Naduvil - Vilakkannur - Oduvally - Thettunna Road - Poovam - Kanhirangad - Manna
4 MAMBARAM Kootumugham - Kottoor - Kolappa - Nayattupara - Chalode - Panayathamparamba - Anjarakkandy - Vannan Metta - Mambaram
5 PAYYANNUR Kuppam - Embate - Pariyaram - Pilathara - Ezhilode - Payyannur
6 MELE CHOVVA - KANNUR Kaniyarvayal - Peruvalathuparamba - Irikkur - Koodali - Eachur - Varam - Mele Chovva
7 KANNUR Sreekandapuram - Kottoorvyal - Malapattam - Etteyar - Mayyil - Padikkunu - Kolachery - Kambil - Narath - Kattampally - Puthiyatheru - Kannur
8 BAKKALAM Chuzhali - Valakkai - Kurumathur /Chorukkala - Taliparamba - 7Th Maile - Bakkalam
9 KANNUR Peruvalathuparamba - Irikkur - Chalode - Varam - MeleChovva - Kannur
10 PUTHIYATHERU - KANNUR Sreekandapuram - Kottoorvyal - Malapattam - Etteyar - Mayyil - Padikkunu - Kolachery - Kambil - Narath - Kattampally - Puthiyatheru - Sarang Junction
11 CHALODE Kootumugham - Kottoor - Kolappa - Nayattupara - Chalode


Infirmary serves as a place for providing first-aid for treating minor cases such as minor cuts, wounds etc. This place also serves as a resting place for sick girls. Facilities are provided for monitoring blood pressure, temperature and BMI. All the major medical emergencies are referred to the nearest hospital under the existing MoU regarding usage of ambulance and medical care.

The college canteen is providing an experience of multi cuisine dishes to the students and the staff members on subsidized rates. It is directly run by the management to give paramount importance to the quality of food and hygiene.

A canteen committee is formed to monitor and evaluate the service. This committee is consists of students and staff members. All the students and staffs members are allowed to visit the kitchen to inspect the quality and hygiene.

College Central Store carries various maintenance, repair, safety and office supplies, computer supplies and furniture items. Central Store is responsible for purchasing and maintaining an inventory of parts and supplies used in the college. It also functions as a receiving and distribution point for the entire campus.