About the course

B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) is a four-year duration undergraduate course that accentuates comprehensive knowledge of data structures, network security, big data, design and analysis of algorithms, cyber forensics, cryptography, machine learning, etc. This course provides students with the theoretical foundation they need in computer science and engineering, as well as clear concepts and perceptions on aspects of cyber security, a solid understanding of analytical methods, and industry practices in the field.

The relevance of the course

BTech in Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) undergraduate course is designed to achieve knowledge regarding the protection of data, computers, and networks from cyber-attacks. The course mentors students in maintaining digital documents safely or carrying out an investigation to conclude who played which role in conducting unauthorized tasks. The course is appropriate for students who are strongly attracted and interested by the cybersecurity industry and its tricky threat intelligence and are eager to gain advanced knowledge in areas such as malware reverse engineering, penetration testing, and cyber forensics.

Cybersecurity is a highly powerful field as it is challenging and costly, but also highly necessary. The field of cybersecurity gives a person a chance to ensure the security of data and track and inform about serious threats. Graduates will acquire creative and critical thinking skills and the executive ability for an outstanding career in this industry.

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About the Department

BTech in Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security) is offered as an undergraduate program by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
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