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Dr. Biju Mathew Dean Exam
Dr. Reema Mathew Asst. Dean Exam
Mr.Binil Kumar K Member
Mr.Aji Augustine Member
Ms Hridya P Member
Sr Reema Jose Member
Ms Sreelakshmi M Member
Ms.Swathi Chandra M T Member
  • Evaluation of all courses (Papers), theory / practical and project / dissertation shall be done in two parts, namely by Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) and by the End Semester Examination (ESE) shall be conducted by the University.
  • There shall be End Semester Examinations (ESE) in every semester for all courses as prescribed under the respective curriculum, except the Lab/ workshops courses for 1 &2 semesters.
  • iii. Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE)): The Continuous Internal Evaluation shall be on the basis of the day-to-day work, periodic tests(minimum two in a semester) and assignments (minimum two). The faculty member (s) concerned shall carry out the Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) for the course allotted to him/her. The CIE marks for individual subjects shall be computed by giving weightage to the following
  • Attendance Tests Assignment/ Class work/ Course project.
    Theory 20 % 50% 30%
    Drawing/ Practical 20% 40% 40%
  • The written examination for CIE shall be conducted centrally under the strict monitoring of a committee nominated by the Head of the Institution.
  • Semester classes shall be completed at least ten days before the commencement of the End Semester Examination.
  • The CIE marks obtained by the student for all subjects in a semester are to be published at least 5 days before the commencement of the End Semester Examinations. The CIE marks for the attendance (20%) for each theory, practical and drawing shall be awarded in full, only if the candidate has secured 90% attendance or above in the subject.If a student has attendance for a subject below 90%, reduction in the marks for the attendance shall be made proportionally. Duty leave shall be accounted for awarding the internal marks for attendance.
  • Students, who have completed a course but could not write the end semester examination, shall be awarded “I’ Grade, provided they meet other eligibility criteria. They shall register (exam registration) and appear for the end semester examination at the next opportunity and earn the credits without having to register (course registration) for the course again.
  • A student who does not register for all the courses listed in the curriculum for a semester shall not be eligible to enroll for the next higher semester
  • The maximum number of credits a student can register (course registration) for, in a semester is limited to 08 credits in excess of the total mandatory credits allotted in the curriculum for that semester.
  • Any act of violation of directions, indiscipline, misbehavior, or unfair practice in examinations from the part of students, faculty members, staff or any other source shall be viewed very seriously. Malpractices in examinations observed or reported by a faculty member, invigilator or anybody shall be immediately reported to the principal. The principal shall in turn conduct a preliminary enquiry giving the student concerned a chance to explain his/her case. The principal shall decide the course of action on the issue as per the prescribed norms in the Examination Manual-2022

In accordance with the University, there will be an examination cell headed by the Chief Superintendent (Controller of Examinations) appointed by the principal on the basis of the potential of the person in accordance with statutory stipulations if any. Principal shall be the Chief Controller of Examinations.The Controller of Examinations will create his/her own team with the approval of the Principal of the College. The team shall consist of Deputy Chief Superintendent (Deputy Controllers of Examinations), Examination management committee and Examination Assistant. There shall be a team of office assistants, computer programmers, data entry operators, attenders and other helpers in the examination cell. Examination cell will have appropriate infrastructure for generating question papers and other relevant confidential materials.

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