About the course

The B.Tech in Computer Science and Design(CSD) aims to create versatile software developers who are well proficient with computing approaches, tools and technologies and are experienced with new Media technologies and Design approaches. This graduation programme combines core design courses with solid programming underpinnings. This programme prepares students for a variety of careers in disciplines such as entertainment, arts, games, digital analytics, mobile application development, web/product design, cyber security, multimedia, and other interactive industries around the world. The first year of study is identical to all engineering branches, and the remaining years of study comprise core subjects and its electives.

The relevance of the course

Computer Science and Design is in high demand across the globe in the current era. The students will have the ability to design creative solutions in areas such as animation, AI powered gaming, virtual reality and augmented reality etc. The designing skills can be extended to solving real time problems using Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and better visualisation of the products.

Modern Tools and platforms are used and enhanced to develop applications/products for new media design in areas like multimedia, animation, virtual reality, gaming etc. Some of the major topics covered in this course include Programming Languages, Software Development, Website Construction, Image Processing, Spatial Computing, Media Computing, Animation and Graphics, Game Design and Development, Fundamentals of Video and Photography for Engineers, 2D and 3D Animation, Human centered AI, Robotics and Virtual reality etc.

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About the Department

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers B.Tech in Computer Science and Design as an undergraduate program.
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